Flatiron Research Group, LLC
Flatiron Research Group (FRG), a Colorado-based corporation, was created to develop and produce simple and cost effective products to conserve energy in the home or office.

Our line of insulated window panels will be available in 2010. This product allows for the control of a window’s solar gain and/or heat loss with more effectiveness than with standard window blinds. This product does not require any modification to the window or special hardware but adheres to a window by static charge. These panels greatly reduce a window’s solar heat gain in the summer and conductive heat loss in the winter, making your home or office more comfortable and reducing your utility costs and carbon footprint to boot.

Look for our product announcement later this year.

Learn more about our product in our new brochure.


Contact Flatiron Research Group at:

Flatiron Research Group, LLC
P. O. Box 21326
Boulder, CO 80308
(720) 255-2025
Thermal image of a 3-pane window with the center pane covered with the FRG window insulation on a hot summer day.
thermal image of window with FRG insulation